I just had one of the best Friday’s I’ve ever had, ever. I was picked to be one of the faces of L’Oréal Garnier Ultimate Blends. My face was chosen along with four other girls to be featured in Superdrug! Unbelievable. Well, it certainly was for me. How did it come about? I’ll tell you…

Scrolling through Instagram one evening I spotted a post from Superdrug claiming that Garnier were looking for a new beauty blogger, this instantly sparked interest from me as it’s something I’ve been considering for a while. The competition deadline was the next day so I quickly went on the Garnier website and entered, thinking to myself, why not eh, might get the blogger box and become a blogger. I’d deffo be up for giving it a go.

Competition photo


So using this photo and 140 characters on what beauty means to me I entered. I went to sleep that night thinking; sure, I could be a blogger. Why not?!





I received an email a few weeks later, the title screaming at me “We want you to be one of the faces of Ultimate Blends!” I opened it with disbelief, yeah right, thought I. The email invites me to a photo shoot at L’Oréal HQ in Hammersmith. So I started to believe it, they did want me, well, my face at least. How amazing. I replied straight away, wow yes please, I can come, when and where do you want me?!

The night before the photo shoot was a huge pamper evening, as I’m sure you can imagine. Hair mask, face mask, nails painted, outfits selected, train tickets collected. I was ready to go…


This made it all seem real!

So, inside HQ I was whisked upstairs to one of their academy studios where hair and make-up were ready and waiting for me. Along with PR and professional photographers setting up their shoot. Madness. The “look” Garnier wanted was a very natural look, so I was done up with pretty make-up and very smooth, bouncy hair. I found out I was picked to represent the brand new blend called The delicate smoother. Ha! Still with me?

The photo shoot involved a lot of L’oreal ‘cos I’m worth it hair flicking, (yes they did say the line) big smiles, posing and laughter. Basically, it was a lot of fun! Photos to follow.. I didn’t actually take any on the day, not sure why, I think I was in too much shock. My face and the other girls will be shown in Superdrug, so when the posters come out, I’m going to take lots of selfies, with myself. A selfselfie?!

One of my favourite parts of the day was getting to pick lots of products to take home with me at the end, here is a sneak preview of a few of them. I will be testing them out and letting you know what I think;

Camera21.022 007.JPG

The other lovely ladies and lucky winners already have their own blog/vlogs set up and spent the day telling me I should definitely do it, so here I am. And what a great day to blog about. I can’t wait to start blogging and seeing people’s reactions to little old me being in Superdrug!

I have decided to blog about three of my passions; beauty, baking and Bella (my 11 month old German shepherd). I also love alliteration so even better – blogging, beauty, baking, Bella. Love it!