Crossing the fields in the early morning chill and frost is not something I ever thought I would be doing, or writing about for that matter. I am not a morning person, I’m a let’s do everything the night before so I can stay in bed an extra 5 minutes kind of a person. That all changed when this little pup entered my life…

Come rain or shine, or even snow, there she is ears back, tail wagging at 7am Monday – Sunday, she doesn’t know what a weekend is either. It’s the best alarm clock.

Surprisingly, to me, I have come to love these early morning walks. This morning we wandered past the snow drops and the too early daffodils, into a frozen field filled with cows that she tried to befriend. She stood there mouth open, tail wagging waiting for them to sniff her in the accustomed dog greeting, but of course this did not happen and I had to escort her away swiftly. Though I’m pretty sure I’m the one that was scared! She will try to lick anyone and anything; her inquisitive nature has got us into a few pickles over the last few months.

I am fortunate enough to work from home, so I spend my days sat at my desk trying really hard not to be distracted by her. If you own or have ever met a German Shepherd you will realise just how difficult this can be. After our walks, I prepare our breakfasts, (recently I’ve been trying to be healthy and have porridge with fruit, much better than peanut butter on toast right?) she will then leave me alone for a bit, say an hour? Until she gets a bit bored and comes upstairs to find me. I can’t help but laugh. She comes in, tail wagging as pleased to see me as if I’ve been gone for a whole week, puts her head on my knee and looks up at me with her pleading pretty brown eyes “please play with me”. So I may end up sneaking off for 5 minutes to play. Who could resist?


The best thing about Bella is how everything is still new and therefore incredibly exciting to her, the response she gives to things she hasn’t seen before is funny. On one of our walks the other day we came across a yellow grit salt bin and she just had to bark and bark at it! Warning me of this frightening thing I suppose? But seriously, it could be anything and she wants to know about it. The pen I’ll be using, the sock I’m trying to put on my foot, the bath bomb I’m trying to put in my bath. (I will come back to this at a future date, her and my boyfriend are obsessed with Lush). She’s there with her gorgeous head tilts trying to understand what it is and what I’m saying to her.

Bella bomb



I’ll be sure to fill you in on some of our adventures, but for now I must start work! It’s only 8am, we’ve been on our walk and I’m settling down to eat my porridge in peace. (yeah right!)

Ali xx