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I see a lot of monthly favourite blogs and vlogs so thought I’d give it a go myself. I did actually film a video of this, but haven’t put it up yet, not sure if I will or not… such a tease ha.

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I of course had to start my February favourites with the Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo, The delicate soother – 1, because it genuinely is the shampoo I’ve been using throughout February, and has become my favourite, and 2, because I really like it! (See my previous blog post :))

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Next up, is my Blogger box! I won this in a competition (see my first blog post) and so I thought it deserved a mention. This arrived with some really helpful blogging items; a tripod for your phone, fairy lights, a candle, some photo props, and of course the shampoo, conditioner & heat protector. It all came nestled neatly inside the box, with gold tissue paper, very exciting! I am keeping the box as I’m sure it will come in handy, it’s sturdy too.

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This Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream, was a little freebie from L’Oréal from the photo shoot. I have been using the same day cream/ moisturiser for a couple of years now so I thought I’d give this one a go. I firstly really enjoy the fact that it’s pink. Since using it, I’ve found my skin has been a lot softer and has helped with the general eye-bagginess that I have been getting.

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I recently had my hair cut from quite long, to just above my shoulder, and as I had a new hair length, I decided to try a new style too, so went on the hunt for some salt spray. I didn’t have to hunt very far as the shops are full of them, I chose the Schwarzkopf beach matt MERMAID look texturizing salt spray. I may have been slightly persuaded by the mermaid look part of the description…but it basically is great. You just spray onto wet hair, dry it, and then style how you want. I’ve found whatever style you want to do, it helps keep it that way, I’ve curled it, made it wavy, straightened it, gone outside with it half dry in the wind (as suggested on the bottle) and it works all ways.

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This is the lovely candle that came in the bloggers box, it’s called Green Tea & Fig and it’s by Fashion Fiend. I haven’t heard of this make of candle before, but I’m definitely going to seek some more out. It smells incredible. I mean, even when it’s not lit, you can still smell it when you walk into the room, which is pretty good for an unlit candle. Another great thing about this candle is that it’s made with natural oils and soy wax so there are no horrible fumes emitted when lit.

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This Garnier Hand Intensive 7 Days smoothing hand cream, was another little freebie from L’Oréal (thank you) and I do mean thank you, I have been using this SO much. I wash my hands countless times throughout the day due to Bella being so blimmin’ messy, and slobbery. Also, due to cleaning and other general hand washing reasons. So I have dry hands and am forever applying hand cream. However, this is brilliant. I have been using it for over 7 days now and I don’t have horrible dry hands anymore, yay!

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Three little make-up bits I’ve been loving this month are;

1 – Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation. I find this gives excellent coverage and does last a long time. I haven’t actually tested to see if it lasts the full 25 hours as I remove my make-up at night.

2 – Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. This really does its job, it covers up my dark circles really well and I’ve actually worn this out without any foundation on top, so definitely a winner for me.

3 – The Benefit Rockateur blusher mini. For Christmas I received the Benefit selection box (not sure of its official name as I got rid of the box, kept the minis obv) and this blusher was one of the minis. I have been using it ever since, and considering it is a mini, I didn’t think it would last long, but it looks almost untouched. I really love the peachy pink colour and again, this really lasts long. I wear blusher, pretty much every single day as being so pale I feel I need something to brighten up my face or everyone, including me, thinks I look ill. This one works a treat and goes well with my skin tone.

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The photo made me laugh, I did actually take a more professional one, but had to use this one as it shows just how nosey (see what I did there?) Bella is. Excuse the foot. I was trying to take a photo of my lipsticks to add to this blog and she couldn’t help herself and stuck her nose in too! Bless her.

Anyway, these are the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in 38 and 16. Now, lipstick is a new edition to my life and I’ve got to say why didn’t anyone make me try it before?!?!?!?! I’ve always, always, always worn Vaseline, and on occasion lip gloss, but lipstick is fantastic. I still wear Vaseline all the time, but lipstick on top of Vaseline, is so much better than lip gloss. Lip gloss is so sticky and, your hair gets stuck to it, and it doesn’t last very long and yeah, lipstick is definitely the way forward. It lasts way longer, and isn’t sticky! What’s not to love? As you can see by the colours that I picked, they aren’t very daring, but to be honest I got a little over-whelmed from the ginormous range of lipsticks available that I chose two pinky, nudey colours to start with. I will be buying more to try out in March, so make sure you check out my March favourites too!

Ali xx

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