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I know I’m a little late, but I wanted share my Easter weekend fun with you. I took Bella to stay at my Dads for the long weekend. On Good Friday morning I packed up the car, with her “help”, (which is basically her running back and forth to the car trying to eat my bags.) and off we went. Upon arrival my Dad was cooking a roast lamb and immediately insisted I made the roast potatoes. So I left the unpacking of the car to a little later and got started on the potatoes. They were yum!

As soon as we get in the general area of his house Bella starts to get excited, she starts to whinge and tries to get out of the car, she really enjoys staying at his house. He loves it too, though sometimes he pretends he doesn’t like it all that much. As she is rather large now she tends to get in the way a lot, especially if you’re not used to having her around.

Anyway, I had really wanted to bake some hot cross buns in the whole time leading up to Easter so that’s what I set about to do that afternoon. I brought all the ingredients with me just to make sure I had them all.  Before I started I didn’t realise quite what was involved with making these, all in all it took me about five hours! After the mixing and kneading, the dough required to be left to prove for around an hour, which gave me enough time to pop to the shops to pick up an icing bag and apricot jam that I had forgotten. I made it back in time to split the dough into twelve buns, which then were left to prove for another hour. Eventually they were crossed with the flour and water mix, popped in the oven and baked. After being glazed with warmed apricot jam we had one with a cup of tea. Lovely!


I met my three best friends on Saturday morning for brunch; I was starving as I’d been at the park with Bella for an hour already. The rest of the day was chilled until I went to visit my mum and younger brother’s house for dinner with my elder brother and his fiancée. Me and Mum were then going to a family friend’s for drinks and nibbles. It was a lot of fun; we ended up staying til 1:30am! I don’t get to see my friends and family as often anymore as I moved away to Warwick.

It’s fair to say I was tired on Easter Sunday! This time I took Bella with me to my mum’s, this was her first visit. Now, my Mum’s house is quite small and there is a cat, so a couple of issues. Plus Bella is THE nosiest dog I’ve ever known, for about an hour, no exaggeration, she sniffed the entire house. She did settle down whilst we ate our Easter roast beef, but not for long.

We came back early Easter Monday morning, and I went out to Wagamama for a late lunch whilst Bella caught up on her sleep. I love bank holiday weekends, it’s such a good time to catch up with friends and family, and to eat lots of chocolate. I’m using this weekend to relax and catch up on sleep.

Ali xx