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Following on from my new found love of lipsticks, I went looking for some more to try. I spotted a really pretty pink colour in the Maybelline section, and as I’ve not really tried many Maybelline I decided to get it, and whilst I was there I picked up their Super Stay 24 hour foundation in 10 ivory. When I got them home, I opened the lipstick only to find that it’s actually a lip gloss! Silly me. The picture below will hopefully make you understand why I assumed it was a lipstick not a gloss, oops. However, I have been wearing it anyway and it’s a lovely shade and lasts well. It’s got a wide brush which I haven’t seen before, which actually makes applying the gloss easy. I’ll just have to find another lipstick to try instead. The foundation is nice, it stays on my skin well, but I think it’s slightly the wrong shade for me. As a general rule I tend to go for the lightest possible, which is usually ivory, but this is slightly too dark. I am a pale skinned red head, and so need the lightest shade available.


My Benefit roller lash mascara ran out, so I picked up the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara with argan oil. As I wear mascara pretty much every single day I thought one with argan oil would be good to try as I know argan oil is good for hair, so must be good for eye lashes too (right??).  Turns out, it’s a really good mascara, doesn’t flake, goes on easy and comes off easily too. Really pleased with that purchase. Plus it’s in a metallic-y coppery tube which you know, pretty packaging.

Until recently, I only ever had one foundation brush; this one is actually from Primark. It’s the one and only beauty product I’ve tried from Primark, and I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, I had a Lancôme posh one and the handle broke, and it was really annoying to use, and I was in Primark one day saw this and thought, hey why not give it a try. My Lancôme one is now in the bin! I have since purchased another, but this one definitely deserves a mention. It’s great, the application was great and it’s easy to wash.


The Benefit World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow kit was actually a Christmas present from my big bro, I’m lucky; he has bought me a Benefit make-up kit for the past few years now. Chris, if you’re reading this, keep going please, I love them. This one I have been using since Christmas, but more so now it’s coming into spring and I want to use more neutral colours. It has two cream eye shadows in little pots and then four powder eye shadows. My favourite thing about these kits is that they come with a little tips and tricks booklet to give you a day time and a night time look, I usually try them out but then do my own thing with them too. All the colours are lovely, but the two I’ve used most are “no pressure” one of the cream eyeshadows and “thanks a latte” one of the powders, both are a neutral browny and go really well together.


I have been using a pressed powder to set my foundation for quite some time now, and it ran out, so my Mum recommended me the No7 Translucent Perfect Light pressed powder. I love it! It makes the one that I had been using look cakey, this one has really light coverage, doesn’t cake my foundation, and just leaves a really nice finish. I would highly recommend this one. Thanks Mum!


I use the Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate lip balm every morning when I put on my makeup. I use it to stop my lips being dry and it seems to stop the foundation from sticking to them, which is always a bonus. I also usually apply a lip balm or Vaseline prior to using lipstick or gloss, and this works perfectly for that.

baby lips.jpg

The Garnier Ultimate Blends body hydrating lotion is another freebie I got from my photo shoot, I used it throughout March and I really noticed my skin feeling soft. Also, it smells really good. Similarly to the Rimmel mascara this contains argan oil, it also has camellia oil. Camellia oil is renowned for its softening benefits. Plus, it’s new, so can’t really go wrong with this one! This is for normal skin, I would usually go for a dry skin lotion so wasn’t sure if this one would be moisturising enough but it definitely is. It smells exactly the same as the Ultimate Blends shampoo in the same flavour, so if you use the shampoo and the lotion you smell like a dream all over.


Lastly, a bit of an odd one, it’s erm, soap. Basically I buy hand wash that’s on offer; as long as it’s anti-bacterial I’m not too fussy. But, this, this is something else. Part of the Carex Care+Plus range, (I think it’s new) is the argan oil (again) & cocoa indulgent hand wash, and oh my goodness it smells delicious! It literally smells like you have just dipped your hands into a batch of salted caramel chocolate, but at the same time it isn’t too sickly sweet. They do a strawberry laces and chocolate orange one but I found those to be too sweet smelling. This one is spot on. So much so I had to buy another one that wasn’t on offer to photograph as we had used the other one all up and I didn’t mind. This is a big recommendation.


That’s it for my March favourites, it seems I picked a few that contain argan oil this month, that wasn’t on purpose, but it has shown me that I like it. I’m looking forward to trying some new products in April, and I’ll be on the lookout for some more argan oil.

Ali xx