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I wasn’t feeling too great this weekend so decided to do some baking to cheer myself up. I’ve seen quite a few YouTubers and bloggers make Tanya Burr’s cookies and have wanted to try them for months, so this is what I decided to bake. What I love most about the recipe is for quantity of chocolate it just says “large bar”, I got a really large bar, 360g of Dairy Milk to be exact, plus a large Milkybar.


Here is the whole recipe:

200g butter – needs to be softened

300g caster sugar

1 large egg

27g self-raising flour

75g cocoa powder

dash of milk

large bar of milk chocolate

large bar of white chocolate

large bar of dark chocolate (Tanya’s blog says this is optional and I didn’t add)

It’s a pretty simple recipe; first step is to cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. My butter had been out of the fridge for a few hours but it really wasn’t soft enough, I made the mistake of trying to mix it with my electric whisk and it went absolutely everywhere! So I then carried on with a wooden spoon, it took ages and gave me arm ache, soo use really soft butter.

Next – crack the egg in, then add the dry ingredients; flour and cocoa, mix it all up to form dough.


As you can see my dough was dry so I had to add quite a large dash of milk to make it all stick together. Lastly, the most important ingredient; chocolate. I decided to just use milk and white chocolate in mine, not because I don’t like dark chocolate, in fact I really do like dark chocolate, but because I had such a large bar of milk chocolate I didn’t think I needed any dark. As it turns out there was more than enough chocolate in the cookies.

I baked them three per baking tray, then one on its own. The recipe makes ten large cookies I didn’t want to crowd them and let them get stuck together. They do cook in eleven minutes as per Tanya’s recipe, but are really gooey and you do have to leave them to cool for around half an hour before eating. So gooey that I couldn’t even transfer them to my cooling rack as they were just falling apart. Shame, I had to eat that one! After half an hour when they had set a little i moved them onto my wire rack to completely cool. I have to say they are actually the nicest cookies I’ve ever baked, and I’ve tried many recipes.


After baking these, I was still in the baking mood, so I measured out all the ingredients to make a whole wheat loaf in my bread maker, I didn’t want it to bake that night as it was already 9pm and the bread takes at least three hours, so I set my machine to bake the bready ready for 9:15 the next morning. I haven’t been so excited for it to be morning in a long time. I awoke to the smell of bread baking and it was so good. I took Bella out for a walk and when we got back it was ready and the house smelt just like a bakery. I had a slice straight out of the machine, dripping in butter, what a lovely start to my Sunday. I was definitely feeling better after that.

Ali xx