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I haven’t written in a while, so thought I would give a little update. I have been on holiday and just busy seeing friends and family, but I am getting back into my blog. 🙂

My first post was about winning the competition with Garnier, this has now taken place, I was in Superdrug stores across the country and it really was fantastic. I posted on Facebook & Instagram asking if anyone saw me in there to take a picture and tag me in it, the response was brilliant. I got lots and lots of tags, so was really pleased about that.

For any of you who haven’t seen, this is the photo that Garnier decided to use of me:


Garnier also used all of us on their Instagram page which was really cool to see, they posted a couple of videos and photos. This was my fave; we all look genuinely happy and I think they are lovely pictures.


Just wanted to give another big thanks to Garnier for making it happen, it really was an amazing experience and definitely gave me something to talk about!

Ali xx