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Just a little review of a couple of things I’ve been using recently; I left my most favourite hairbrush at my Mum’s house a while ago so had to find a replacement to use in the meantime. All my others are round brushes or just used for styling rather than every day brushing. I decided to try out the Leo Bancroft Detangle Brush. The main reason I picked this is because it’s purple, I am notorious for losing / forgetting my hair brush and I thought as it’s bright purple it would probably decrease the chances of this happening. Turns out not only is it good for that, but it’s actually a really decent hair brush.

01.06 brush.jpg

I like it because it’s completely made out of plastic, it’s all one piece rather than having a cushion with the bristles attached. Being totally plastic means it’s really lightweight, which is perfect for me as I take a brush with me wherever I go. Also, it means it is SO easy to keep clean and it dries within a minute. I have really thick hair, so often find that brushes don’t make it all the way through to detangle it, but this one really does the job. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try something new.

Next up is the new Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara in black; I have used this for just over a month now and would buy it again. I like to try different mascara’s and as usual I was a sucker for it being a new one. The first thing I noticed about it is the shape of the tube, it’s shaped in a way that gives great grip so is easy to open and hold. (I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve dropped many a mascara mid-application in my time.)

01.06 mascara.jpg

The unique selling point of this mascara is that it tints your lashes over time, why has no one done this before?! I am a red head who has practically invisible eye lashes, so sans mascara I look ill, this could be the answer. I’ve tried semi-permanent eyelashes before and loved that you wake up looking ready for the day, but hated the fact you can’t rub your eyes, ever. Anyway, over the first two weeks of using this mascara daily I definitely noticed that my lashes were becoming darker and staying that way. It was working! Not only were they darker when mascara-less but when I was wearing the mascara they looked great; full and really long. Also, due to it having a plastic brush it means it gives a really nice clump free finish.

My only negative thought about this mascara is I found that in the morning, after removing it the night before there was still A LOT of black on my eyes. I’m used to there always being a trace the next day, but this was almost as if I hadn’t removed it in the first place. I assume this is due to it tinting my lashes. Other than that I really like this mascara and at only £8 it’s good value for money.

So that’s two products I would recommend for you. I am of course in the process of trying out others, so expect more reviews 🙂

Ali xx